Zero installment fee! No more commission for delivery apps!

Use a direct to customer (D2C) smart order solution in the form of a website that you use without "additional procedures" such as downloading apps. Secure a "stable" customer order channel and operate the brand's "independent" service to improve brand value.

D2C Smart Order Features

It is not dependent on the platform and can directly trade with customers through its own channel.

Brand Value Enhancement

Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty through direct communication with customers

Securing Loyal Customers

Converting delivery platform customers to their own customers

Utilization of customer/sales data

Analyzing customer sales data and using it for online marketing, operation, etc.

Online & Offline marketing support

Provide marketing support and management services for D2C smart order sales growth

Growth with Smart Orders

Using customer data, we increase the purchase conversion rate of new customers and the reorder rate of existing customers to experience rapid growth.


Average Monthly Growth Rate


Average Re-order Rate


Conversion Rate compared to Delivery apps

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D2C Smart Order Channel

Smart order service is available without any additional app download.

Our awesome features
Smart Order EPOS system

EPOS service can be used immediately when the program is downloaded and installed in the existing POS.

Our awesome features
Customer Management System

Use sales data to provide benefits and messages tailored to customer types

Our awesome features
Franchise Management System

Merchants' system, such as price and promotion, can be applied collectively.

Our awesome features
Data Dashboard

Provide a detailed report of all stores' sales, orders, etc. by period/product.

Our awesome features


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